Aftermath Crisis Management System-of-systems Demonstration Phase I

The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research - TNO (NL)

Description of organisation

The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is a non-profit research organisation. Established in 1932, TNO's public mission has been laid down in a special law: to support industry and society in general in transforming knowledge into products and processes of economic and societal value. TNO is fully independent. It is neither a governmental body nor is it related to any specific interest group. In the system of innovation, TNO acts as an interface between science and the market. Being both embedded in the world of fundamental research and having strong links with the world of users, TNO is positioned to fulfil this role in which contract research and strategic collaboration are keys to the transfer of knowledge. TNO has about 4700 employees working in five core areas, including Defense, Security and Safety, and Information and Communications Technology. TNO Defense, Security and Safety conducts research on topics ranging from military and crisis operations, national security, critical infrastructure protection, equipment, command and operational decision-making, threat and CBRNE protection, to modeling and simulation, instruction and training, and combating crime, crises and terrorism.

Main tasks attributed

  • WP5 leader, responsible for the identification of approaches and solutions
  • Participation in WP4 on capability and gap analysis
  • Participation in WP6 on developing the strategic roadmap
  • Participation in WP7 on awareness raising and dissemination, and responsible for technically implementing and maintaining the ACRIMAS website


Previous experience relevant to the tasks

TNO was, and still is, involved in several EC-funded Security (PASR and FP7) projects, like e.g. IMPACT (on CBRNE protection), TRIPS (Transport Infrastructure Protection System), PATIN (Protection of Air Transportation and Infrastructure), CPSI (on perceived security), DEMASST (phase I demonstration project on mass transportation), DECOTESSC1 (phase I demonstration project on CBRNE), SeNTRE and STACCATO. TNO was active in ESRIF, the European Security Research and Innovation Forum, and was involved in all working groups, including the one on crisis management.

At the national level, several applied projects in the field of CM and first responders are conducted in a multi-year research programme on behalf of the Dutch government.