Aftermath Crisis Management System-of-systems Demonstration Phase I

Center for Security Studies - KEMEA (EL)

Description of organisation

The Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) has been established as the Greek Ministry's of Interior think tank on security policies, and is now a department of the Greek Ministry of Citizen Protection. KEMEA is a scientific, consulting and research agency, whose purpose is to conduct theoretical and applied research and to produce studies, particularly at a strategic level, on issues concerning security policies. KEMEA also provides advisory and consulting services to the Ministry of Interior and other authorities on these same issues. KEMEA has gained extensive experience through the operational planning and implementation phase for the Security Program of Critical Complex infrastructure for the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games period, the security plans revisions that followed the terrorist attacks in Madrid and London, and the table top/real exercises that have been organized for this purpose. This effort makes KEMEA a strong partner in Emergency Management Situations.

Main tasks attributed

KEMEA particularly supports the identification of political and legal framework issues, and related user needs and requirements. That is complemented by contributing to the scenarios' construction (political and legal perspective), and by bringing in the related user's perspective into the following gap analysis.