Aftermath Crisis Management System-of-systems Demonstration Phase I

Public Safety Communication Europe Forum - PSCE (BE)


Public Safety Communication Europe Forum (PSCE) is a permanent autonomous organisation aiming at improving provision of public safety communications and information management systems and the safety of the citizens during crisis and emergency situations. PSCE provides a unique common platform for researchers, industry and users enabling regular exchange of ideas, information, experiences and best practices.

Main tasks attributed

The main role of PSCE in ACRIMAS is to bring the user perspectives into the project, namely by contributing to the work on the gap analysis (WP4), and to support the dissemination activities towards its members and partner associations (WP7).

Previous experience relevant to the tasks

PSCE is the result of a three years FP6 SSA project, named Nartus, which aimed at establishing a European platform and roadmap for future public safety communication, in order to facilitate European integration in the area of Public Safety with particular focus on public safety communications and information systems.

The period of 2006-2009 was used to build consensus among the three communities, to establish the structures of the organisation and to adopt common positions on a future technology roadmap and a collection of generic user requirements and operational scenarios.