Aftermath Crisis Management System-of-systems Demonstration Phase I

Netherlands Institute for Safety - NIFV (NL)

Description of organisation

The Netherlands Institute for Safety is an independent governing body in law (ZBO) and has over 120 employees. One of the Institute's statutory tasks is the provision of courses in fire service management. Other duties carried out on behalf of the Netherlands' Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom relations include managing the content and editorial aspects of manuals, instructions and guidelines relating to fire service, medical assistance and crisis and disaster management, and acting as an expert helpdesk for professionals and policymakers. Besides the statutory tasks we develop expertise, contribute towards the professional development of the abovementioned areas, and thereby enhance physical safety. The Institute has four academies: The Fire Service Academy, The Academy for Medical Assistance in Accidents and Disasters, The Academy for Crisis Management, The Academy for Leadership Safety Regions. There are also three lectureships set up at the Institute: "Fire service Skills", "Fire Prevention" and "Crisis management". Alongside with the lectureships the Institute also has a research department that focuses on all sections of the Disaster Cycle and a variety of risks.

Main tasks attributed

The Netherlands Institute for Safety takes the lead on WP3. In this WP the NIFV analyses, together with other partners, hazards and threats related to crisis management in order to establish a representative set of scenarios. These scenarios describe the challenging future tasks and missions to the European Crisis Management and are, together with an overview of users, used as input for WP4. In WP2, 4 and 5 the NIFV is participating in a supporting role. A strong emphasis is on WP4 where the NIFV as an end-user, but also as WP3 lead, is involved in the analysis of (national) capabilities and operating procedures. Finally the NIFV is involved in the dissemination of the results through its various networks in WP7.

Previous experience relevant to the tasks

The Netherlands Institute for Safety has various national and international networks. In addition the NIFV has conducted various exercise and incident evaluations with regards to CM and crisis response in the Netherlands. Also internationally the NIFV is conducting this kind of analysis, a recent example is the evaluation of the multi-national EU Floodex 2009 and EU ModEx 2010-2011exercises. Besides this expertise, the Institute has a lectureship in Crisis Management and a Crisis Management academy with experts and trainers with strong links with the field and knowledge of the Dutch Crisis Management system. The experiences acquired during the provision of courses and exercises can contribute to development of ACRIMAS.