Aftermath Crisis Management System-of-systems Demonstration Phase I

Joint Research Centre, Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen - JRC-IPSC (IT)

Description of organisation

The mission of the JRC is to provide customer-driven scientific and technical support for the conception, development, implementation and monitoring of EU policies. As a service of the European Commission, the JRC functions as a reference centre of science and technology for the Union. Close to the policy-making process, it serves the common interest of the Member States, while being independent of special interests, whether private or national.

The Global Security and CM (GlobeSec) Unit provides scientific and technical support to EU policies concerned with Global Security and CM, particularly in the following dimensions: i) Prevention, ii) Preparedness, iii) Response and iv) Reconstruction.

The CRITECH action focuses on the development and testing of solutions to enhance decision-making in CM including experimenting with information retrieval techniques, real-time data stream prioritisation/visualisation, numerical modelling systems, and visualisation/display systems. The solutions also include developing and testing Web-based platforms for sharing, managing, disseminating crisis relevant information in a number of external environments that are involved in operational CM and related decision making.


Main tasks attributed

JRC contributes to WP2 'political and legal framework analysis' bringing in their competence into the legal framework analysis of the Member States, the EU and at international level. JRC further contributes to the threat analysis of WP3 'tasks and mission analysis' and to the identification of candidate solutions, to the assessment of technological feasibility and future R&D needs in WP5 'approaches and solutions identification'. JRC also contributes to WP6 'Demonstration planning and roadmap' by working on demonstration infrastructure needs and best practices. A major contribution is also to be done for the WP7 'Awareness raising and dissemination'.

Previous experience relevant to the tasks

  • Community Contributions to International crisis/disaster preparedness/response and Global disaster risk reduction initiatives: focusing on early warning systems and Information Management Systems for Decision-Making in crisis management
  • Community Contribution to enhanced public health crisis preparedness and response: focusing on modelling systems and Information Management Systems for Collaborative Decision-Making in crisis management
  • The EU's institutions (including specific agencies such as ECDC and FRONTEX, Council Secretariat General Joint Situation Centre, European Commission (SANCO, ENV/Monitoring Information Centre-MIC, ECHO, and RELEX) and their International partners (UN agencies such as OCHA and DPKO; African Union) crisis centres/situation rooms.