Aftermath Crisis Management System-of-systems Demonstration Phase I

Swedish Defence Research Agency - FOI (SE)

Description of organisation

The Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) is an independent agency for applied research under the Swedish Ministry of Defense.

FOI has more than 1300 employees, of whom around 900 are research scientists, and it is one of the leading institutes in Europe for applied research. For ACRIMAS the following two research divisions are relevant:

The Division of Defence Analysis works with strategic planning, materiel and procurement studies, costing, analytic support to the security and defence authorities, policy studies and operations analysis. They have a long tradition of support to CM, and continuously work with user requirements, specification, evaluation and decision support in large materiel projects.

At The Division of Information Systems work is focused on the development of command and control systems and CM systems. Competence areas of interest for ACRIMAS include user-centred and model- or architecture based systems development, requirements engineering and needs analysis, IT-security and evaluation methods and computer tools for exploration and reconstruction of actual events (After Action Review). Other areas are decision support and knowledge management, simulation and distributed systems, sensor informatics and multi-sensor fusion, and positioning systems.

FOI, as a Swedish Government authority, works closely with ministries and other authorities in the civil preparedness areas.

Main tasks attributed

FOI leads WP 6, i.e., the preparation of the roadmap. FOI further contributes mainly to WP3 and 4, i.e., those WPs that involve close interaction with end-users in the construction of scenarios and the identification of capabilities, gaps, needs and requirements. FOI also contributes to the overview of R&D in relevant system development and technical areas.

Previous experience relevant to the tasks

FOI is a research agency with extensive national and international contact networks, including end-user organisations at local, regional and national level, authorities, universities and Swedish industry. In specific, FOI has worked actively with user representatives in numerous CM projects both in the military and the civil domain and both nationally and internationally. Examples include HITS (FP6), Model based Capabilities Development (Swedish Defence) and Service Oriented CM in Local Communities (the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency).

Among many other things, FOI has expert technical knowledge across many fields, as for instance of laser-based 3D mapping, and of positioning of first responders for outdoor and indoor operations.