Aftermath Crisis Management System-of-systems Demonstration Phase I


Description of organisation

CASSIDIAN is an EADS company and the "System House" Business Unit within EADS. As such, it is in charge of designing large integrated systems for the customers. These large systems will integrate products and systems from EADS and from a large panel of associated SMEs.

The Integrated System (IS) Line of Business within CASSIDIAN provides fully-integrated modular solutions and services in order to minimise risk exposure in the areas of surveillance, Borders Security, population protection, infrastructure security, responses to emergencies and international reaction operations. IS is currently developing large integrated systems for border security (blue and green borders) and for crisis management, in Europe and all around the world.

CASSIDIAN has invested a lot of efforts to develop large system for the Security market. Beside the customer project, CASSIDIAN participated in several essential EC projects in the domain of CM, OASIS, MARIUS and CITRINE to quote the most important ones. CASSIDIAN now wants to capitalise and leverage on all the previous projects through a structuring project like ACRIMAS, to set up a strategic roadmap towards pan-European crisis management systems.

Main tasks attributed

CASSIDIAN's role in the project is to bring the legacy systems knowledge in WP4 and to determine the gaps in systems and in technologies. In WP5, CASSIDIAN provides possible system and technological solutions. In WP6, CASSIDIAN participates to the roadmap through our knowledge of the development delays and associated costs to keep everything affordable to the targeted users. In addition, CASSIDIAN commits to disseminate ACRIMAS results in the TUG (Tetrapol User Group) and its Tetra equivalent. CASSIDIAN being represented in many normalisation and standardisation bodies, it will also make the ACRIMAS results in the relevant meetings and workshops.


Previous experience relevant to the tasks

CASSIDIAN as the former EADS Defence and Security Systems has been or is participating in a number of  research projects in the domain of crisis management, either as coordinator (OASIS IP, DYVINE for IST; MARIUS for PASR) or participant (HITS/ISAC, CITRINE for PASR). It will bring its knowledge of the security market, together with its technical expertise in surveillance sensors/systems and in system integration.