Aftermath Crisis Management System-of-systems Demonstration Phase I

ACRIMAS Advisory Board

Role of ACRIMAS Advisory Board

To reach the ACRIMAS objectives, to address the complexity of CM in Europe appropriately while taking into account budgetary limitations and a manageable consortium structure, the project needs to be carried out in close co-operation with end-users and other stakeholders in CM from industry, research and academia.
While some of the ACRIMAS consortium members are end-user organisations, collaboration with users that are not formal partners within the consortium is needed as well. ACRIMAS will thus be performed under the permanent scrutiny of a strategic Advisory Board, composed of representatives from CM stakeholders within Europe and the US (Users, e.g. from Civil Protection and Fire Fighters, as well as from authorities and agencies at regional, national and EU levels and from industry and science). The AB will validate the major recommendations proposed by the consortium and critically reflect the project work, by giving strategic advice to the project and its execution.

Members of ACRIMAS Advisory Board

Peter Glerum National Operations Centre, Civil Protection (LOCC), The Netherlands (public user)
Jack Harrald Virginia Tech Centre for Technology, Security, and Policy, USA (research)
Ira Helsloot VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands (research) & Amsterdam FireBrigade, The Netherlands (public user)
Manfred Kirk Federal Office for Civil Protection & Disaster Assistance (BBK), Germany (public user)
Estelle Sturtzer French Ministry of ecology, sustainable development, transportation and housing, France (user)
Dusan Zupka United Nations Development Programme, Switzerland (user)



From left to right:
Maike Vollmer (UNU-EHS), Martin Hamrin (FOI), Manfred Kirk (BBK),
Hans-Martin Pastuszka (FhG), Merle Missoweit (FhG), Marcel van Berlo (TNO),
Estelle Sturtzer, Ministére de L´Écologie, du Dévelopment Durable, des Transports et du Logement, Pieter Glerum (LOCC), Ralf Beerens (NIFV), Daniele Cecchi (Selex-SI), Dirk Stolk (TNO)